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Rainbow Pre-School


About Us

Rainbow Pre-School is located in the Meath Green area of Horley and was established in 2000 which has seen numerous amounts of children enjoy the playspace to advance on their learning, social skills & confidence. We take pride in our commitment to equality of opportunity & providing a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment for the children in order to maximise the skills that they can develop.

We operate Monday - Friday from 8:30am until 2:30pm for children aged between 2 - 5.

Our team consists of 6 skilled staff members who are always at hand to help and observe the children as they interact and play with others. We take time with each child to help individual progression with the use of a key worker. The key worker is a dedicated member of the team assigned to the child when they start, lasting for the duration of the time at the setting. This allows each childs work and behaviour to be monitered and recorded as an effective way to recognise potential and nurture growth.

Our main focus is helping the children on:

  • Recognising Numbers and Letters
  • Counting and Learning Shapes
  • Colours
  • Encouraging story telling in groups and alike.
  • Being ready to progress onto school
  • But ultimately we aim to encourage independence and achievement of new goals from the support of our staff ensuring the children and parents feel safe and secure, which is very important to us.

    We have access to a large hall which is seperated into different playsapce areas, including a reading corner and eating area for snack time. The hall is easily adaptable to create different spaces for the children to play in which is useful as there is little restriction of what activities can be set-up. Moreover, there is as a wonderful outdoor area, used all year round, for a wealth of different activities for outdoor fun which is a major benefit for our setting. For example, this gives us access to grow flowers and vegetables in our veg patch each spring for us to later enjoy.

    Please click here for a general rundown of a day at the pre-school.

    Throughout the year, we have various topics that we focus on to teach the children about the world we live in e.g. festivals such as Christmas & Diwali, seasons, etc. This could involve days where the children dress up, or try particular food as a way to encorporate the theme.

    The latest Ofsted report shows we are rated as Good.

    Rainbow Preschool is proud to support FEET Funded Children (Free Early Education for Two year olds). Funding comes from Surrey Early Years and Childcare Service for up to 30 hours of free early education per week.

    If you have any further queries, please check out FAQ section by clicking below.

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